Various types of returns (purchases, sales, cash register, bank returns, etc) are collected from our clients as required (but at a minimum on a monthly basis). Based on the documentation collected, we prepare the necessary reports / declarations and submit all the relevant documentation to the appropriate institutions to ensure compliance with all regulations.

In order to ensure security and confidentiality, all data is kept on secure servers and is being backed-up daily.

At the clients’ request, we can provide access to our on-line accounting software at any time.

We provide the following accounting services:

  • Accounting services ranging from the preparation of initial accounting documentation to annual financial statements
  • Preparation of the relevant declarations and reports in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Preparation of financial statements for the Director of the Firm
  • Account cleaning services where badly kept and unmanaged accounts are updated to the highest standards
  • Inventory preparation
  • Representation of our clients in state and credit institutions
  • Payroll accounting
  • Consultations
  • Services to private persons